Chrystal Palaty, PhD, Owner and Principal Consultant

I founded Metaphase in 2007 with the goal of communicating health research outcomes to a broad audience. This was reflected in Metaphase’s first tag line “translating science into English”.

More than a decade later, my business and passions have evolved. “Capturing your medical insights” much more accurately reflects my work, and what I do for my clients. Much of this involves listening carefully to specialists, reflecting deeply on what I hear, then concisely summarizing and contextualizing the key points for medical and academic audiences. These insights define best practices, identify unmet needs, drive strategy and direct health care.


Over the past decade I have successfully completed hundreds of projects for my clients.

My superpower is consolidating large amounts of complex information and summarizing it concisely and in the appropriate context. Data from the scientific/academic literature, advisory board meetings, strategic consultations and evaluation documents are crafted into high-quality scientific publications, meeting reports, strategic documents and business cases.

I have a strong understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer. Immunology was my undergraduate passion. During my PhD I studied protein biochemistry and signal transduction, followed by several years of post-doctoral research into cell cycle control processes and DNA repair mechanisms. I loved working in the lab and sometimes still feel nostalgic for those days of PCR and restriction enzymes.

I am organized, detail-oriented and deadline driven. I have a demonstrated ability to collaborate successfully with other experts to complete projects. I’ve also built a trusted team of colleagues on whose expertise I can draw to meet specific project requirements. I rely on these colleagues for proofreading, design, illustration, and anything social-media related.

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When I am not working hard, I am either in my garden or cooking dinner for my family and friends in my kitchen in Vancouver or from mi cocina en Oliva, España.
  My colleagues and collaborators include:

Professional editors, writers & proofreaders with a range of experience and expertise
Social media specialists to communicate your message
Graphic designers & visual artists to create diagrams, illustrations & layout
Meeting planners, facilitators, engagement & consultation professionals.

While there are many things I can do, there are some I don’t. These include:

Finance Budgets Economic Analysis
Statistics Meeting Logistics
Front-of-the-room Facilitation

If you are an independent or self-employed expert in any of these areas, please feel free to reach out to me.